GDK Marketing’s solid reputation is built on years of outstanding performance and satisfied customers. Discover how we have contributed to the success of many renowned brands such as Webber Naturals, Floravi, AMG, by propelling them into the Quebec pharmaceutical market. The figures speak for themselves!


When Webber Naturals approached us, it was because the returns on their investments were not meeting their expectations. In search of solutions, they turned to us.

We devised an innovative marketing strategy to take their brand to the next level.

Webber Naturals has climbed to second place in Quebec’s vitamin and natural products sector. This position is the result of consistent sales growth, with an average increase of over 15% per year, maintained for more than a decade.

Thanks to our involvement, nearly 100 products have been integrated into all the major pharmaceutical banners in Quebec. Our collaboration and 360° strategy have transformed their objective into concrete success.


We have earned our customers’ trust by delivering performance and exceeding objectives. The GDK Marketing team has been the architect of the AMG brand’s success, notably in the exceptional launch of the DEX 4 product and the accessibility of the Essentia + blood pressure monitor.

In less than five years, our innovative marketing strategies have elevated AMG to become the market leader. The launch of DEX 4 glucose tablets was a triumph, with our targeted marketing and training efforts aimed at diabetes educators propelling DEX 4 to an impressive 84% market share. AMG was looking for concrete results, which is precisely why they chose to work with GDK Marketing. We turn visions into tangible successes.

GDK has also revolutionized the accessibility of the Essentia+ blood pressure monitor. This product used to be available only at pharmacists’ counters, with a doctor’s recommendation. Keenly aware that new provincial regulations would add to a pharmacist’s workload, we took the initiative of working on the display to make it available over the counter. Following its dazzling success, we collaborated with the company to design an attractive, explanatory display. Since then, the Essentia+ blood pressure monitor has become the number one product in its category in Quebec.


The Head Office Representation department analyzes the various opportunities linked to the Quebec pharmacy market. In 2017, we recognized an opportunity for an underrepresented category in the Quebec pharmaceutical market: products for men’s and women’s sexual health. Enter Floravi products.

Following much discussion with banner representatives, we demonstrated the opportunities and potential profit of introducing this type of product to their store shelves. Initially, we were met with a fair bit of push back, however today, we can say that the conventional pharmaceutical market has understood that it is in its interest to sell items such as lubricants, vibrators, sex toys, etc.  By making these items accessible in a more traditional retail context, consumers are not obliged to resort to more specialized outlets. As a result, sales have taken off.

Since then, Floravi products for both women and men have hit their target, achieving sales of over $1 million in the Quebec pharmacy network.


How to take an herbal tea line that’s already #1 in Quebec to the next level? This was the challenge that GDK marketing faced and conquered with innovative ideas and solutions.

Herboriste Four O’Clock is the most popular line of herbal teas in Quebec pharmacy chains, with sales approaching one million dollars. Together with the company, we developed a TV advertising concept and a 360° integrated marketing plan for greater in-store visibility during the advertising campaign. With this concept, we achieved extraordinary results, with increased sales following the implementation of this program. A great success for GDK marketing!


Offering over-the-counter products with the advice of a healthcare professional at the prescription counter – a challenge GDK successfully tackled. The Utiva product range, which provides practical, effective information and relief for urinary tract infections, is innovative and revolutionary. Given the pharmacist’s new role in supporting the overall health of these patients, the next challenge is to provide users with simple, concise information. At GDK, we’re more than a sales agency, we’re a fresh perspective on the challenges facing the industry.