An integrated pharmacy broker, GDK Marketing is your partner of choice for support at every stage of your product marketing. Whether it’s designing a powerful advertising campaign or defending your product’s interests with decision-makers, we are THE undisputed industry reference. Every service we offer is backed up by our highly qualified team, ready to develop customized, innovative solutions that precisely meet your business objectives. Our commitment is clear: to grow your brand.

We have the expertise to deliver on that promise. GDK Marketing is committed to confidently guiding you towards business success. OPTIMIZE YOUR MARKET POSITION

We have the know-how to turn this promise into reality. GDK Marketing is committed to guiding you confidently towards achieving your business aspirations.

optimize your market positioning

Representation with
company headquarters

GDK Marketing’s seasoned account executives lend their industry expertise and experience to provide you with exceptional head office representation. Our team provides a full range of services to optimize your market positioning, including:

  • Contract negotiation of all kinds, including annual contracts
  • New product presentation and listing
  • Planning promotional activities and discount programs
  • Promotional activity and discount program design
  • Planogram implementation and monitoring
  • Quarterly business monitoring and summary

With GDK Marketing, you can rest assured that you’ll benefit from strategic expertise every step of the way, taking your presence with head offices to new heights.

accelerate your sales beyond the norm


GDK Marketing offers a wide range of professional services to help you promote your product within Quebec’s pharmaceutical network. Our team of six experienced representatives cultivates privileged relationships with our partners across Quebec, promoting your brand. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Merchandising strategies
  • In-store promotions
  • New product presentations and training
  • Defective and expired product management
  • Pre-order sales management
  • Customized in-store sales strategy development
  • Ongoing competitive intelligence monitoring

GDK Marketing has earned a solid reputation in the pharmacy representation field thanks to its outstanding, unparalleled service.



At GDK Marketing, we develop customized marketing strategies specifically designed to meet your needs.

Whether you want to outperform your competitors, generate sales faster, or attract new consumers to boost your customer base, GDK Marketing has the strategic solution you need to optimize your investments for lasting profitability.

Rely on our expertise to deploy strategies that not only meet but exceed your objectives, propelling your business to new heights. At GDK Marketing, we are committed to your company’s success.

At GDK Marketing, we are committed to your company’s success.



With GDK Marketing, every advertising dollar counts towards your brand’s success. Drawing on our in-depth market expertise, we develop effective media strategies for top performance according to your product and target market.

For over two decades, our customized advertising strategies have been designed to maximize your performance, and this is reflected in our concrete results.

Over 20 years of industry experience has allowed us to develop three exceptional media platforms designed to increase the visibility and promotion of your products.

These advertising platforms have undergone rigorous testing and have helped many businesses generate an exponential increase in sales.

Your advertising success is our priority. Our results speak for themselves.



GDK Marketing offers you a complete solution that goes beyond simply meeting your expectations. Our turnkey program allows you to structure your entire sales process.

We offer a wide range of services, including :

  • Order compilation using Beaver software
  • Efficient processing of orders from various warehouses
  • Weekly compilation of inventories in collaboration with the various warehouses
  • Sales analysis from scanned data (POS) and generation of detailed reports
  • Proactive management of requests for new products, discounts or price adjustments

At GDK Marketing, we’re committed to providing you with optimal logistic support to strengthen and streamline your entire supply chain.

They trust us

success stories

GDK Marketing has built a solid reputation based on tangible results and unrivalled customer satisfaction. Our track record speaks for itself with exceptional results for renowned brands such as Webber Naturals, Floravi and AMG, all of whom have benefited from our unique approach to conquering the Quebec pharmaceutical market. Numbers don’t lie!